Clever Ways To Clean Your Windows 

Window cleaning in Victoria BC is taken seriously, and a lot of residences, even businesses invest a lot of money to get this job done properly. There are certain materials used, and techniques needed to properly clean windows at home, and it can cost you money to request for these services. Luckily, there are some clever home owners who have dedicated time to experiment on window cleaning, and now you can try it for yourself, and witness the effects of these simple window cleaning hacks yourself. These simple tips can be done by any person, it is a guide made easy for the cleaning newbies. 

 Clean Your Windows

The blinds of a curtain can accumulate a lot of dirt fast, and there are a lot of slats in window blinds that can take a lot of time to clean. One way to cut the time needed to complete this job in half is by using tongs and having two clean towels. Wrap one towel on each tong, and wrap it with a rubber band so that it doesn’t fall off. With this unique setup, now you can clean to sides of the slats, quickly, and efficiently as well. You can also spray both sides of the tongs with a cleaning solution to make it more effective, and it also gives off a clean scent. 

Window tracks are the dirties portion, a lot of dirt, crumbs, and unknown substances do get suck in that area which is also the hardest part to have cleaned. There is just no accessible path way for the dirt to get out of their location. A vacuum cleaner is always helpful, but sometimes the tracks are too deep, and it doesn’t clear the area completely. What you can do is get a sponge which you should cut out to size of the tracks, put a tiny but rather deep hole and put it on a stick. Spray some window cleaning solution on the sponge, and then run across the window track, it will pick of all the tiny particles of dirt in its path. 

If you don’t clean window tracks often, things can evolve pretty quickly, and sometimes mold can start to grow on it. When this happens, then it is a sign that it will need to be removed, along with some intense cleansing. You can easily eliminate the molds by pouring vinegar on it, and letting it rest for about fifteen minutes. You can easily scrape these molds out, and make sure that you dispose of them properly, also wear gloves while doing this. Afterwards, you can sprinkle baking soda, to make sure that the molds don’t grow back, a few drops of essential oil to end the process for a fresh scent will do the trick. 

Hopefully, this will make cleaning windows a lot easier for you in the future. If you do not have time to  do this chore, there are always cleaning companies that you can request to come over your house. It is just important to you have these cleaned at least once a month.